Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So just when you think you're getting a month off of hospital call, the residency surprises you with something called "Mommy Call." It sounds innocent enough. Not only in the name of the call, but its home call---how bad can that be?


First let me say that when you're on Mommy Call you are also the resident for jeopardy call (see previous post). Secondly, parents will call about anything and everything. At all hours of the night. Demanding things.

My first (really second, cuz the first one I was Jeopardized. again see previous post) Mommy Call consisted of Moms calling about a child jumping on a couch and fell on her face and wondered when she should check to see if her face is "mushy." Another call was from a mom about her child having a rash and wondering what it was. Over the phone.

But my last call of the night (at 5am) was a mom who wanted to discuss illnesses in her 5 children. 5 CHILDREN! So I said start with the oldest and go from there. All in all, the whole call took about 40 minutes to get through it. Just enough time for me to get ready for work. Because even though we take Mommy Call overnight we still gotta work a whole day the next day.

Oh the joys of residency. Even with all this craziness, I love my job and would not change it for anything.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Not the fun American Game TV show that we all have come to love. No, this is an intern nightmare. Its the phone call you wish would never come. Its the request to come in and work someone's call. When you had made dinner plans. Or in my case, a Saturday in which I was to go hiking, then to a movie, and then out for drinks. All down the drain with a simple phone call.
The first idea is the intern you are covering for is really sick. Or has had a disastrous emergency. The second idea is you will be "paid back" by the person who jeopardizes you for one of your calls. So you can schedule a time when you should be on call, in my case a Saturday call, and poof! It goes away without any guilty thoughts. I dreamt about this payback all 30 hours of jeopardy call.