Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Nepal

My last week of living in Nepal, I sort of had a freak out that I would forget what it was like there, what I felt, what I saw, so I wrote several Nepali things down, of which I will share!

*It is always tea time. And it is the best tea in my life---especially when its super cold and there isn't any power to turn on a heater. Oh wait! There aren't heaters either.

* Lunch is served at 10:30 am, but that is because all Nepali's wake up at 5am. (gotta milk the goat, go to the temple and pray, sweep the floors) Dinner is not until 8 or 9---but there usually is a supper or snack in between there somewhere.

*Rice is eaten at EVERY meal

*If a car honks at you it either means "I'm coming!!!" or "Move over--I'm coming!!!" so its best just to move over.

*Nepali men tell the doctor when its their wife who has the complaint---even if it is vaginal discharge. If the husband does not know a particular answer to a question, he'll just make it up. Its very difficult to kick him out, but it is a must.

*All Nepali music sounds the same---the exact same---I absolutely LOVE it. My mom, on the other hand, hates it.

*The large trucks that transport garbage are decorated nicely. They have green or gold tassel, xmas lights on at night, crazy horns that are probably some sort of Nepali theme song. At least it has become that way to me. Move over--I'm coming!!

* When the power comes on at night--and a light turns on---all people touch their head and then their chest and repeat---its a thank you to god for the power. If you are in a bar when this occurs it is a UNIFYING to see---I have been known to participate as well---it has become a reflex. Because the days are hard, and the evenings are long without power---everyone must be grateful at some point for something.

*I LOVE IT HERE. I told Harka that I would love to be an elephant trainer. Because, lets me honest, I was born to ride. Harka said he would teach me Nepali. I'd just have to pick up elephant poop (no problem) and climb trees to get the food (problem). If I ever come back--and I hope I do---I will definitely visit that man.

(this written earlier): In 5 days I find out where my life will be for either 5 years or 3 years and for the first I am not consumed with what that will be or where else people might go or about feeling alone/single/unwanted---I feel free.
After being asked a million times if I was married, and/or how long it will be before that occurs---I am happy to announce I am single! I made my rank list based on what I wanted! And I can go to Nepal for 7 weeks and I don't worry about some silly boy ruining my time!

What a trip

Saturday, April 25, 2009

hello again

Its been several months since my last entry. My final time spent in Nepal was amazing--I have grown to completely love the insanity of that country. And I cannot wait to go back.

I came back to US craziness--the Match day. Lets just say I am very happy (exstatic!) where I matched and I, still to this day, cannot believe it.

I then did a quick turn around and headed to Honduras where I was in a friends wedding---it was an amazing trip and wedding.

Now I am in limbo land---I have not yet graduated, but I am not on any rotations. I guess this is where 4th year is supposed to be amazing, but I have to say its not my favorite time this year. Firstly, I dont like to be bored, and when deadlines are like 3 weeks away, its hard to motivate to get things done. So I am in this sorta bored but have lots to do situation. Secondly, I am attempting to purchase my first home. This is harder than it sounds. And I think it sounds awful. It has been a super hectic week in this department. And still the search continues. The good news is the banks are crazy enough to think I am a good lender with student loans up to my neck already----suckers!!! I fooled them! :)

I wrote down several Nepal stories/ways of life while I was gone, ready to share with who ever happens to read this. Those are to come this week while I continue to wrap up my med school career.