Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today marks my final day of OB---a two week stint of up at 415 in the morning, pounding on women's bellies that had just delivered a baby and asking if it still hurt, about 200 pelvic exams, 15 babies delivered by yours truly and three sad cases of babies that did not make it.

It was a whirl wind.

I remember my third year rotation where I heavily considered the field of OB/GYN. Delivering babies was fun and those residents work their tail off. But after these two weeks I realize that I am in the right field, which is one of the most reassuring things I have felt since I started residency.

I may still have the opportunity deliver more babies in the Emergency Department. Which to me is the most exciting idea---you just never know what will walk through those sliding glass doors on the first floor of the hospital. And thanks to the amazing ladies of the OB program I feel more prepared.

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K said...

im still thankful i never had to see any deliveries gone wrong on my 3rd year rotation. dont know how i would have handled that